Friday, May 29, 2009

Pics & Thanks!

Ethan at Baltimore's Port Discovery on May 23, 2009

Ethan playing at Ronald McDonald House 5/23/09

Ethan and I are driving to Altoona, PA tomorrow to meet up with Mark, Emma, Evan and to visit Obie & Ray (Mark's parents). It will be nice to see them!

I need a mental break from the medical and feeding stuff, so I'd like to share a few things for which I am thankful:

My wonderful family.

Friends like Denise FitzGerald who are always there to step in to help. Thank you my little angel.

Mark, for making me take his car, getting new tires, and doing all the background work for this trip.

The in-dash GPS system in Mark's car for making my trip less stressful and for saying in that soft, comforting female voice 'Take the next U turn, if possible.' instead of saying'Turn around, you lugnut, I just gave you two warnings for that left turn you just missed!'

The HR Benefit folks at Convergys for taking the initiative to push to get Ethan into this program. We wouldn't be here without you.

The valet staff at Kennedy Krieger for knowing I'd need a little TLC at the end of the day last Thursday. The valet had my car ready when we came out (without us even asking!), he rolled the windows down so the car would be cool, and he whisked Ethan and me right in when we came out from a most stressful day.

The volunteers who come to the Ronald McDonald house every night to make us dinner. I had no idea how much that would mean. It means the world and brings tears to my eyes every night.

The other kids here at the Ronald McDonald house for loving on Ethan so much. They have health issues beyond anything I could bear and they truly care about how Ethan is doing and happily greet him when we get back to the house at night. We've met families from Kuwait, Turkey, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Texas and New York. It's truly a small world.

The High School group who came to visit the kids at Kennedy Krieger yesterday. They spent the school year selling bracelets to raise money to buy toys for our kids. Ethan loves his Madagascar 2 DVD! Funny, I always thought of myself as a 'giver'. It is humbling and touching to be on the receiving end.

My departed loved ones who send us pennies from heaven every time Ethan is in the hospital. I know you are thinking of us, wherever you are!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Molly & Ethan

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  1. You guys have a great weekend! I love you Molly!!