Saturday, April 28, 2012

We had another Pirate themed Saturday!

Hi Friends,

Friday, 4/27/12

Ethan woke up at 5:45, but was good and calm while getting ready.  He walked right into the feeding room and took the empty spoons with no trouble. The real food did not go so well.  He spit the sweet potatoes and the pudding and let out a couple of really, really loud screams.  He settled down for the yogurt.  Each meal takes around 30 minutes right now.  I predict they will take a bit longer next week when Ethan starts new foods.  We have a limit of 60 minutes at each meal.

The feeding team decided to stop the empty spoon part of the meals and upped his intake to 24 bites of his preferred food.  Lunch and dinner went well and he ate all his bites.  Then we had a relaxing night playing in the play yard and hanging out in our room at RMH.

Saturday, 4/28/12

When Ethan eats outside of the feeding program, I have to spoon feed him his pureed foods because he will only feed himself highly preferred food like vanilla ice cream and pudding.  This means when he is finished eating, I haven't started eating.  He is not one to patiently linger at the table while I eat, therefore, I am queen of wolfing down food on the run and queen of indigestion.  He ran after his meal so I missed the volunteer cooked breakfast and  lunch at RMH today. 

We went out to see Pirates-a Band of Misfits at the White Marsh cinemas this afternoon.  Road trip! I relied on our handy dandy in dash GPS, but alas, I missed the first turn.  Mr. GPS then took me on a figure eight drive down a series of one way, skinny little streets AND took me through a Camden Yard parking lot on my way to I-95. Holy cow. It's game day here, we were early for the game so it wasn't too crowded, but it was still stressful.  I ended up on the light rail tracks, oops, trains were coming from both directions, but luckily, they both stopped at my intersection and I backed up quickly.  (Cincinnati street car supporters take note...It is DANGEROUS to have a train on tracks running down a city street. Tourists like me are liable to cause an accident.)

We finally made it to The Avenue at White Marsh and into the movie.  Ethan loved the movie, but I was lukewarm.  I think I need to see it again, but without the driving drama before-hand.  We made a stop at Target and, Dayna Hamm, you will be happy to know we found an appliance safety lock that I think will work on our door. Yay, I'll get to shower tomorrow morning!

I was starving after our outings, so I thought I might take Ethan out for his beloved spaghetti.  We found Bertucci's, an Italian place by The Avenue at White Marsh.  I figured this might work with a little pre-planning.  I asked for an out-of-the-way booth, ordered right when we sat down, paid and got to-go boxes in advance, and warned the waiter that we would likely rush out.  I was right, Ethan hopped up and ran out the door in 20 minutes. The food was delicious.  I didn't get a good look at the menu because I ordered from the appetizer menu, but the roasted olives, polenta in fresh marinara with basil and parmesan, and the flat bread with pesto, white cheese and bacon were delish and I have leftovers for tomorrow. 

We are excited for tomorrow. Mark's uncle Jim, who lives here in Baltimore, is taking us to his granddaughter's horse show tomorrow morning.  Fun!

Take care and thanks for all the well wishes!  We miss you guys!

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