Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greetings from Johns Hopkinsville


Ethan had another great day in the feeding program. He ate pureed sweet potatoes. He now has a vegetable! He was not excited about this new food when it was presented at lunch, but he was a trooper and he ate it all. He was also great at snack time, but we missed the dinner feeding. If you're wondering why Ethan is suddenly taking new foods, I'm convinced it has more to do with the strict feeding protocol here than it does with his food preferences. And that is a wonderful thing!

We missed dinner because we had our first foray into the medical process at Johns Hopkins. Ethan had an appointment with ENT to do an in office scope of his airway. Wow! Cincinnati has great hospitals, but I see what makes JHH #1. I wasn't sure whether we were checking in for the appointment or checking in for a flight. This place is huge!

As far as I know, there was no problem found in the scope today, but the doctor did say she wanted to be involved in his surgery next Thursday. She wants to peek at the airway while Ethan is under anethesia. She said she might intubate Ethan for the surgery too. I know patients with airway issues cause extra stress for the anethesiologist so this is probably an extra safeguard.

I'm getting mentally geared up for Ethan's cardio appointment on July 2. He is seeing the director of pediatric cardio surgery at Johns Hopkins. I originally thought, 'wow, he's seeing the director of pediatric cardio surgery at JHH, this guy must be good'. Two people have mentioned to me how lucky Ethan is to see this doctor. His OT referred to him as the number one cardio doctor in the entire world. Wow, impressive. So, I googled him. He has a Wikipedia entry. (Lots of reports and stories too, but I was most impressed by the Wikipedia entry. I'm easily impressed! LOL).

More fun tomorrow! Have a great day!
Molly & Ethan


  1. Molly I could write you up a Wikipedia entry if you want! That is awesome that Ethan is seeing the #1 cardio doc in the world! You can't do better than that. How hard is it going to be to keep up a strict feeding protocol when you get home? Or is the goal that after he gets used to eating stuff you don't have to be so strict?

  2. I get to start feeding him using the protocol today or tomorrow. This weekend will be the first time we have to adhere to the protocol outside of the hospital. Mark and the kids will be here so it will be interesting! Not sure we're going to make it down to DC afterall! Thanks for the birthday wishes!