Monday, June 15, 2009

Mark's visit

Hi Everyone,

Ethan and I had a wonderful visit with Mark a.k.a. Daddy. He arrived yesterday around noon. We gave him a tour of Ronald McDonald House, showed him where the hospital is, and then spent a relaxing afternoon at Baltimore's Inner Harbor. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and just strolled along the waterfront, it was very nice.

Today was a great day in the feeding program. Ethan took two new yogurts, LaCreme strawberry, LaCreme vanilla, and also drank milk with a packet of Strawberry Carnation Instant Breakfast. Wow, it took him a while to warm up to the new drink, but he drank a whole cup by the dinner feeding! Yeah! Progress!

He also did something that I cannot believe: In OT, that's Occupational Therapy, he actually licked a real, fresh strawberry...repeatedly! Mark and I saw it with our own eyes! It was great, he wouldn't take a bite, but I think he liked the flavor. Wow! Now that we've expanded the strawberry and vanilla repetoire, Mark and I are looking forward to progress towards a different taste.

When we got back to the RMH, we had a package from the Davis family! (Yes, I cried, Mark was here to witness the insanity!! I do NOT know what is up with THAT! LOL) The Davis boys picked out their Thomas books and sent them to Ethan. Ethan promptly lounged on the bed with his new treasure trove! He even took one of the books out to play on the playground! Thanks for the goodies for me too!! Wow, we have some totally cool friends! We are very blessed! Thanks for being in our lives!

Mark stayed until dinner time tonight. We had a picnic in the backyard and then he took off for Philly. Emma and Evan have been staying in Altoona, PA with Mark's parents, Obie and Luray. They were supposed to drive to Philly with Mark this weekend, but they decided they wanted to stay in Altoona one more week. They love the YMCA day camp there. Evan was named the camper of the week last week! Go Evan! Emma bought a new 'grown up' black dress, some pretty metallic sandals, and enjoyed the ballet with Luray. Wow, she is growing up soooo fast!

The plan is to have Mark return to Altoona to get Emma and Evan next weekend and come to Baltimore where we will spend a day touring a kids' museum in D.C. I can't wait, I've missed those two!

Hey Ms. Marsha, our Cincinnati feeding therapist, if you are reading this, you'll enjoy Ethan's new words. He picked up 'Good Job' and 'Yuck' at KKI and he clearly said 'Water' for me this weekend. His language seems to be on the upswing! Yeah for that too!

Take care everyone!
Molly & Ethan

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  1. Ethan's progress is so awesome! Sarah pretty much exists on strawberries and strawberry yogurt (with whip cream on top)!